He is Always Enough


Thanksgiving is in my rearview mirror, but the cleaning and cooking left me feeling worn out. How about you? Maybe the preparation didn’t wear you out. Maybe the people wore you out.

As we prepare for another holiday, I am keenly aware that not everyone eagerly anticipates Christmas.

My recently divorced friend will pick out a tree by herself and decorate it alone.

My recently widowed friend will face another holiday missing his wife of nearly thirty years.

A friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer and endures weekly chemo treatments, may not feel well enough to shop, wrap, and celebrate as usual with her children.

A friend who recently filed bankruptcy will not be able to buy gifts for her family.

When we come up short in life…when we feel tired…when there’s too much conflict…too much loss…too much work…He is there. And where He is, there is always enough. Enough time. Enough energy. Enough patience. Enough strength. Enough ideas.

Lately, when I feel like I’m unequal to a task, I just show up. When I show up, I bring what I have to give, no matter how small. Then, I depend on Him to bring His power.

To the wandering Israelites who believed that they could be free from slavery in Egypt, He gave manna every day. Enough manna every day for forty years.

To the hungry crowd of thousands beside the Galilean lake, He added His power to a boy’s small lunch. That lunch fed them all with left overs. It was more than enough.

To the amazement of all, when He was killed and buried, He came back to life!

To John Newton, who “concluded (his) sins were too great to be forgiven,” He died “a death for sins not his own, but…for the sake of those who should put their trust in him.” His death was enough. His grace is enough.  Mr. Newton penned the beautiful hymn, “Amazing Grace.”

If you are coming up short this season, remember that He is for you, and He is always enough.



About jaynewalters

Daily the power of stories amazes me--moves me, shapes me--an ordinary wife, mom, teacher, writer, nature-lover, Jesus-follower.
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